These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, (Jude 1:19-20 KJV)

The exclusive provision that destroys the present looming works of darkness in these last days springs from the divine counsel of the Spirit deposited in our spirit is as we build our most holy faith in an atmosphere of intimacy in fellowship with the Father through prayer.

Jude expostulated the apocalyptic events that would characterize the last days with a divine instruction to build an immovable, strong edifice against the fierce deception and destruction of the last days. Contrary to the notion that praying in the Spirit is exclusively about knowing the mind of God for the minute issues of our lives for instance, praying in the spirit is usually recommended for getting clarity about decisions on finding a spouse, jobs offers, relocation, but these are but a shallow use of praying in the Holy Ghost.

More than just getting counsels that merely drive our decisions, praying in the Spirit is the believer’s overriding edifice or strongest arsenal against the end time apocalypse.

The best reaction to the present, undeniable end of the cosmos transcends getting a decision on what we need to do about our lives but ultimately how to live victoriously against the end-time wiles of the devil. It is a daily descend of divinity in one’s spirit as the absolute resistance against the works of darkness. Praying in the spirit hence must be our response to the decaying situation in the world, instead of complaining and entertaining the spirit of fear from the devil. It’s time to pray in the spirit .The instruction and counsels that subdues the present winds of confusion, deception, distraction and the great darkness in the world is exclusively anchored to the building up of ourselves as edifices of human spirit hence the powerful exhortations from the pulpit is no substitute for the supernatural withdrawal experienced when we pray in the Holy Ghost.

Oh how many have been victimized by the hullabaloo of terrorisms and break out of deadly diseases daily streamed from the world’s best news rooms. It is the intention of the devil to break you but he has to first break you spiritually, hence only those who ascend to the hill of intimacy with God in prayer daily and nightly are fortified against the fiercely blowing winds of deception.

The world has witnessed many professed Christians fall in to the devil’s trap of deception. Many converted to anther faith, many left their places of destiny just to prove a point and many have died as a result of unbiblical actions done because they had not the Spirit’s power to overcome the devices of the devil. Rather than be overcome, dictated and shaken by the spirit of fear, build up an edifice of faith in your spirit. You have put yourself in the position of a victim of the end-time deception when praying in the spirit is neglected.

Rhema word: When we pray in the Holy Ghost, our spirit builds an edifice of faith, shattering all devices of the devil.
Confession: Today, I begin a new praying lifestyle, I am strengthened and built up in faith like never before. I am a praying Christian. The spirit of intercession is at work within me like never before, I overcome every apocalyptic deception of satan by faith in Jesus’ name, Amen

Meditate further: Isaiah 28:9-11
Bible reading plan: 1 Kings 17-18, Galatians 5-6