He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.(Psalm 107:20 KJV)

Right praying attracts divine testimony, how sad to see many labour so much in what they call prayer yet without divine results because prayer can be done wrongly. Praying right is the first step to answered petition. Many are literally putting up with their unchanging situation in the name of what they call waiting on the Lord, but how long does God want the disease to linger, the lack to stay, how long does He want us to stay defeated?

A greater question is why pray when you can wait? Unfortunately, many pray without getting results, without asking, why am I not getting results when I pray? The first step to a successful time of prayer is to find a scripture that promises your specific desires. I’m quick to ask people ,what scripture are you standing on? A “scripture-less” prayer is a powerless prayer whether it be done from Mount Sinai or Horeb. Jesus said;

If you live in Me abide vitally united to Me and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask “whatever you will”, and it shall be done for you. (John 15:7 AMP)

Did you notice Jesus saying – whatsoever you will? First the “if” at the beginning of His statement suggests that answered prayers are conditional, but what is the condition here?- if my words remain in you. God’s word in your prayer is not a mere religious arsenal, it’s a demand, a condition for answered prayer. God’s word must abide, permanently tabernacled in the spirit of the believer as a prerequisite for successful petitions. Dig deep in His word before you jump into your prayer room, what did He say about my healing, what did He say about my unemployment, my marriage, my new house?

We serve a talkative God who has a word for everything we would ever need in life, His Bible captures every desire of men in chapters, verses, books and stories, a greater responsibility of a praying believer is then finding the scriptures which puts God in the do-mode. The word of God in prayer is an eraser of doubts, we are not just praying about healing, we have a title deed from the word, a story of healing establishing the end of our faith.

The other vital ingredient of right praying is its lack of doubts and the word of God again is its antidote. And when this is done all you have to do is believe and you shall receive. A heart of faith is a rocky place in the midst of storms, immovable and stern; the opposite is a heart tossed to and fro with the wind of doubts, the latter receives nothing from the Lord.

Rhema word: Scriptures provokes our petitions into answers.
Confession: Henceforth, I shall pray with the word, I shall receive my desires by faith. I receive the manifestation of my confessions in Jesus’ name. Amen

Further reading: Matthew 7:7

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